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Snow Mission Accomplished when Hiking instead of Biking in Yosemite

We wake up early in Yosemite National Park as we got up at 7am. A big day awaits with a hike to nature's wonders on our schedule. After porridge it is packing again.

Then we start off to the Half Dome Mountain (8800ft / 2600m). Despite the early hour, the trail that is paved in the lower margins is lined with masses. The further we climbed the less people we shared the trail with. On top, our efforts were rewarded with an amazing surround view of the Half Dome, its surrounding the mountains and the waterfalls.

We climbed another 800 m in altitude and finally found snow. Snow that we needed to fulfill our e-bike tour's promising title 'Sand to Snow."

On our way down, we once more came face to face with a whole assembly of dead trees and started to think about calling the upcoming leg of our pedelec trip “from death tree to Death Valley.”

After a 7hr hike we felt as dead as the trees.

When trying to stock up on groceries in Yosemite Valley, we got stuck in traffic. The National Park was so crowded due to the 1st May weekend.

Travel tip of the Day:

On a holiday in May, make sure you know where to stay before you go away.

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