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Our partners & sponsors of previous projects are listed here in alphabetical order. Thank you for your support!

66 North, Iceland

Established in 1926, 66°North Ltd. is one of Iceland’s oldest manufacturing companies. As a long-time leading innovator in the creation of specialized clothing for use in the toughest conditions on land and sea, over the past ten years 66°North has grown extensively and is considered an expert in outdoor clothing production. For more than half a century, 66°North has dressed the Icelandic rescue squad, the largest volunteer rescue squad in the world. These brave people will go out in all kinds of weather and situations and can definitely testify on the quality and durability of 66°North clothing. In cooperation with triple2, 66°North provided us with rain outfits for ICELAND CHALLENGE. We are more than happy to continue the great cooperation for our SAND TO SNOW project in USA.

ABUS, Germany

Since 1924 ABUS provides the good feeling of security worldwide. As a German quality manufacturer ABUS ensures that their products are highly reliable and offer a long service life while being easy to operate. In order to meet the growing requirements of private and commercial users, ABUS  provides a large product range of innovative security solutions in the areas of security at home, mobile security and commercial security. For the SAND TO SNOW tour ABUS provided locks to keep out bikes safe. Thank you!

Adeo Group, Scotland

Adeo Group are a dynamic digital agency that understands customers‘ needs and what is required to develop and manage a website or ecommerce website. With offices in Dubai, London and Newcastle, the Glasgow branch has been a partner to the Purple Heart Network from the very beginning, setting up and managing all their web-presence. Adeo makes sure that the world can follow the latest route, riding data and project information of E-Bike Africa.

AFT, Taiwan

Advanced Forming Technology Co., Ltd (AFT) is a creative company focusing on the R&D, manufacturing process and sale of hydroforming streamline shape tubes. AFT’s expertise ranges from designing the special curve structure of tubes for several leading companies to managing research and production.

Airhole, Austria

Airhole Facemasks Inc. is based in Vancouver, Canada, and was founded by the professional snowboarders Kale Stephens and Chris Brown to provide the protection you need from the elements. At the same time they wanted to bring fashion to their faces. The result is an ever growing variety of facemasks made from different materials to provide anyone with the perfect fit and style. Airhole facemasks are innovative, practical and fashionable. They are fun and functional. That’s why we tried them out in Iceland.

Alexrims, Taiwan

Since 1992, Alexrims has brought its passion for cycling and engineering together to create legendary products. Alexrims produces rims for every type of bike and every type of rider. With the use of the latest technology and cutting edge design, the rim experts push the limits of both. In short, Alexrims makes rims for the way you ride.

Alfton, Taiwan

Fung Tien Electric Co., Ltd. (Alfton Bikes) is a high quality aluminium frame manufacturer. Over the years, Alfton have worked with some of the most innovative companies in the bike industry. Their consistent high quality, experience and know-how have made Alfton one of the leading frame providers in the business.

Allesgutmann Media Design, Germany

Founded in 1998 in Munich, Germany, Allesgutmann Media Design offers professional productions in film, 3D animation and graphic design. Founder Andreas Gutmann has received numerous awards for his design work and effect shots in films and commercials. As co-founder and marketing manager of the electric bicycle company Third Element, Andreas Gutmann also designed the companies branding. By partnering with Pedelec Adventures for the Iceland Challenge, Gutmann revisited a film project he had started 18 years ago when crossing Iceland on his enduro motorcycle with a waterproof HI8 camera.

Andy Gutmann was killed in an accident in 2015. We miss him a lot.

Belvelo, Germany

Gold Sponsor

Belvelo presents exciting and relaxing trips on electric bikes on all continents. Groups with no more than 12 people joyfully cycle through some of the most fascinating landscapes and cultural surroundings worldwide. E-bikes have proven the most enjoyable way for riders to really indulge into what a country, it's people, it's nature and it's cuisine have to offer. Belvelo provides the perfect way of travel to nature-lovers who are excited about discovering new horizons while enjoying an upper level of comfort while riding, sleeping and tasting local food. 

Bosch eBike Systems, Germany

A new generation of bikes is taking town and country by storm and is already a part of everyday life. eBikes are a modern means of transport for modern people: people in a hurry and people who prefer to take it easy, the fit and the comfort lovers, commuters and pleasure cyclists and, of course, young and old. The tailwind of technology-leading eBikes made by what are already more than 50 leading brands in Europe is powered by components that Bosch is developing to perfection. The Bosch portfolio ranges from the highly efficient drive unit (motor and gearbox) and high-quality batteries to a smart on-board and cycle computer that can be used intuitively. Perfect coordination of components holds the key to typical Bosch performance in terms of both comfort and efficiency.


Like other Bosch products, the eBike systems benefit from the Bosch Group’s technology and production know-how. From conception and engineering to manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service, Bosch eBike Systems constantly set new standards for the eBike industry. The Bosch Group’s experience in the areas of electric motors, sensor technology, displays and lithium-ion batteries ensures that Bosch eBike systems use technology that is invented for life and that eBike users have their fun.

Dales Cycles, Scotland

Since 1912, Dales Cycles has been part of cycling in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Growing from a small shopfront to their current 6000 sq ft showroom in the city centre, the Dales team has lived alongside cycling as it has moved through it's various ups and downs, fads & phases. But they're still here, and with the same family at the helm since the 1950s.


Thank you to the Dales team for your your great support before our tour start with E-Bike Africa in Glasgow in November 2015.

Ebiketreks, USA

EBIKETREKS is a new brand that offers day and multi-day guided tours and adventures by ebike around California and beyond. One of their tours will be a joint one from the E-Bike House in Redwood to the Electric Bike Expo event in Palo Alto. Looking forward to it!

ecomo21, Germany

ecomo21 has specialized in providing “mobility for family”. The German company is the European distributor for Weehoo children's pedal trailers and offers comprehensive service for manufacturers, retailers and consumers in the field of personal mobility and electric bikes.


Founder Uwe Schlemender is an expert in electric bike testing, promotional activities and technical service of such vehicles. Located in the biosphere reserve of the Swabian Jura in southern Germany, ecomo21 has the perfect terrain for e-bike and pedelec testing and touring right at it’s doorstep. The topography allows for a wide variety of tours involving big differences in altitude and weather conditions.


ecomo21 is also the organizer of the electric test ride track at the the world’s leading bicycle trade fair Eurobike which takes place in Friedrichshafen every year.


After having developed and constructed the solar charging infrastructure for Tour de Mongolia, Uwe joined Iceland Challenge himself and keeps providing technical assistance for the current projects.

eflow Europe, Germany

eflow stands for elegant and sporty, high-performance electric bikes with an award winning design. eflow bikes are all-round talents, that are made for a fast and fun ride in a variety of surroundings including urban areas as well as nature trails. No matter if they are specified as a pedelec or throttle controlled e-bike, eflow has already made itself a name thanks to design awards and happy customers in the US, where the sporty cross-bikes are distributed through Currie Technologies.


We chose to ride eflow bikes in Iceland because we believe in their durability, versatility in application and the product’s future in Europe. Behind the sponsoring of the bikes and the major tour budget stands a more than ten-year friendship with the team that has build up eflow. Thank you for all!

Electric Bike Expo, USA

The Electric Bike Expo hosts a series of roadshow events where every day cycling enthusiasts can come and learn, test ride and experience the electric bike movement in a fun and controlled setting. The Electric Bike Expo team is also the strategic partner with Interbike, the producer of the nations largest annual Business-to-Business Cycling Trade Show in North America.


We are very much looking forward to joining the E-Bike Expo events in Palo Alto and in Denver during our Sand to Snow tour.

EnergyTube, Germany

The EnergyTube Holding GmbH is the successor of the 2010 founded ROPA Engineering GmbH to further develope new technologies with the principle of technically and electrically meaningful modularization. In the principles of development communication is considered as a base for organic structures and system intelligence. This ensures a high reliability, security, flexibility, and performance of an overall system. Our activity focuses on the basic development and the standardization of the developed technologies. I have known developer and co-founder of EnergyTube, Johannes Dörndorfer, for almost 20 years and in all our project his incredible technical knowledge and understanding has been an immense help to find solutions for our mobile solar charging systems that did not seem possible at first. 

Ergon Bike Ergonomics, Germany

Ergon is specialized in bike components that are “ambgenious sophisticated, ingenious and beautiful. Most of all, they need to have soul,“ says CEO Franc Arnold. During E-BIKE AFRICA we will have the chance to enjoy comfortable saddles, grips and gloves. 

Escape Campervans, USA

Escape Campervans USA, America’s largest and most trusted campervan rental company, provides travelers with a fun, reliable and safe way to tour American and Canada without incurring those outrageous costs typically involved in renting full-size RV’s and motorhomes.  Escape Campervans are more compact than traditional recreational vehicles. This enables the renter to get further off the beaten path both in terms of dollars spent as well as time spent on the road during their vacation.

With a fleet of over 350+ minibagos and depot locations that include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and Miami, Escape Campervans has a vehicle and location to suit every  travel itinerary.  Each Escape Campervan is unique – hand painted by top local artists –and fitted out with everything a traveler requires while touring the open road.


Escape Campervans rental rates are low and uncomplicated meaning you won't find unpleasant surprises before or after your holiday. Escape rents to those 21 and older and prides itself in having a 'No Hidden Costs' policy. 

Escape Campervans provided us with a support vehicle at a much reduced price for the Sand to Snow tour's camera crew. 

Ettrak, Germany

Ettrak has developed a public energy-to go station where users of electric mobility can charge or exchange their empty batteries. The Ettrak infrastructure is based on the standardized, universal energy storage system EnergyTube.

Founder and CEO of Ettrak, Tilmann Künzel, has formerly worked in the film business and focussed on documentaries. E-Bike Africa brought this passion back to life and Till agreed to produce a documentary about the 1-year trip from Glasgow to Cape-Town during EBIKE-AFRICA. For the SAND TO SNOW tour Till borrowed us his professional film camera. 

Eureka, Netherlands

Eureka! has been manufacturing quality tents since 1895, becoming known over the years as an innovation leader in the outdoor industry. Superior craftsmanship, attention to detail and product innovation are just some of the reasons Eureka! has enjoyed a first-class reputation for over 100 years.


Eureka!’s commitment is the development and distribution of high-end outdoor products such as tents, sleeping bags, air mats and other camping accessories that are built to withstand the climatic and topographic challenges in Europe and worldwide.


Thank you for keeping us warm, dry and comfortable at night!

ExtraEnergy, Germany

ExtraEnergy has carried out independent e-bike and pedelec tests since 1992. Since then ExtraEnergy has established itself as the most influential information, user protection and promotional organisation for light electric vehicles (LEVs) worldwide.


The founders realised from the start that these vehicles need to be experienced first-hand. Since 1997 several testparcours have been on the road. ExtraEnergy is also rooted at its test facility in Tanna, where 23 years of test reports and LEV history are on display at the LEV Museum.


Other services on offer include presentations and exhibitions at trade and public shows, plus information distribution with the assistance of correspondents worldwide.


As founding members of the EnergyBus and BATSO (Battery Safety Organisation) associations, ExtraEnergy is also active on both the ISO (International Standards Organisation) Standards Committee, with a focus on mechanical standardisation, and on the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and so helps set safety and communication standards for LEVs worldwide.

feinfilm, Germany

feinfilm is a film production company settled in Berlin, which produces short films, dokumentations, commercials, trailers and  image films, as well as records audio books and  manages YouTube channels since 2005. Their service includes everything from planning to the final film.

Thanks to connecting long-term experience in the film and television landscape with a dynamic, young team, feinfilm walks new paths constantly.


And walking new paths also means: Jump on an airplane and accompany a Pedelec Adventures tour through the USA cinematically! Great to have you on board, girls!

GIPFLbag, Germany

GIPFLbag is the most versatile camera bag for action cams and GoPros. We are excited to test this new product during our Sand to Snow tour and get some new views on the adventure. Thank you!

Giro, USA

Founded in 1985 in Santa Cruz, California, Giro Sport Design aims to improve the connection between riders and the riding experience by producing products that enhance the feeling of freedom and independence. Since creating the first lightweight, high-performance helmets for cycling and snowsports, Giro is the leader in the design, fit and engineering of products that complement the body and improve the ride.


Giro is the first choice of riders worldwide and is also our first choice for cycling gear in the maybe less obvious but delicate parts of the body where good functionality makes a big difference to the riding comfort. Thank you!

GoBandit, Germany

GoBandit developed a helmet and action camera and provided us with test samples for Tour de Mongolia.

Greenfinder, Germany

Greenfinder runs the largest independent comparison portal for electric bikes such as ebikes, pedelecs and s-pedelecs. Within its database you can find more than 10.000 different models from over 400 brands and also compare more than 4500 retailers. Furthermore, Greenfinder developed an expo research technology that allows trade show organizers and exhibitors to run detailed market research during their shows. 

As a shareholder and technology partner, Greenfinder realizes the Electric Bike Expo in North America and publishes market reports such as "E-Bikes in Europe", one of the largest and most detailed reports about the ebike market.


GSI Outdoors stands for high quality and innovative outdoor products and utensils for cooking, dining and transport. Founded in 1985 in San Diego, the company has been headquartered in Spokane, the outdoor paradise in the heart of Washington State since 1995. All products are designed, distributed and marketed in-house and are available worldwide.

GSI Outdoors products have reached us through the Germany-based marketing firm KGK in Munich. Thank you for the great selection of products!

Haibike, Germany

SAND TO SNOW - Main sponsor, E-BIKE AFRICA - Platinum sponsor

Winora Group CEO Susanne Puello and her husband Felix established Haibike in Germany in 1995, but its roots date back to 1914 when Susanne's great grandfather founded E. Wiener Retail Trading Company, a manufacturer of custom bicycles. As a leading player in the European electric bike field, Haibike has been making an exceptional history since 2010. As the first player on the market the brand managed to combine the physical sportivity of a mountainbike with the powerful dynamic of a motocross-machine. With this Haibike hasn’t only established a unique mobility type but also created a completely new sport: the ePerformance biking. Numerous awards, including iF Design Awards, one Design & Innovation Award, many Eurobike Awards, a Red Dot Design Award, the first Interbike Award in fair history for an eBike, German Design Award Special, different test wins and buying recommendations have pushed the Haibike team to go on, and to never stand still.


In 1015, Haibike USA was established as Haibike's North American subsidiary, exclusively selling the company's popular ePerformance collection of XDURO and SDURO bikes. With superior Bosch and Yamaha drive systems and dynamic inverted motor placement, Haibike's ePerformance bicycles lead the electric bicycle industry.

Helinox, Netherlands

Helinox is a new brand name from DAC Technology, a company with a long and highly respected history in outdoor adventure equipment. For more than twenty years, DAC Technology has helped to make outdoor adventure equipment stronger, lighter and more functional. The DAC brand is seen wherever the strongest and lightest weight alloy is required. The expertise gathered while making good things better is now applied to taking outdoor adventure equipment to an entirely new level of strength, function and light weight quality – the Helinox standard.

With pleasure we tested the Helinox Chair One in Iceland which was rewarded with a Red Dot award, ISPO award and an Op pad award in 2013.

HiTech Energy, Taiwan

HiTech Energy Inc. provides customized energy solutions for light electric vehicles. The Taiwan-based company delivers high-performance products with market-leading safety standards – based on Lithium-ion technology and advanced battery-management systems.

HiTech Energy is the battery supplier to the eflow bikes and we are happy to turn have turned a long-standing friendship into a mutual project during Iceland Challenge. Thank you for your support!

ID Berlin, Germany

Innovative design and precise conversion have been the two outstanding characteristics of ID Berlin's work to date. The team the renowned light electric vehicle designer Norbert Haller has taken e-transportation to a new level with creativity and an amazing eye for detail. What sets IDBerlin apart, is the special way they combine design and engineering.

Among many other electric bike and scooter concepts and actual products, ID Berlin has designed the Trefecta e-bike and Norbert Haller is one of the actors in our Berlin Trefected video. Thank you Norbert – always a pleasure to work with you!

Kreidler, Germany

Kreidler is a brand of the Cycle Union Group and known for solide bicycles, pedelecs and motor bikes & scooters and provides great value for money. During TOUR DE MONGOLIA in 2012 we tested the Dice Mountainbike with Bosch system that was just about to enter the market back then. 

Light Electric Vehicle Association - LEVA, USA

The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) represents the strategic interests of light electric vehicle retailers, dealers, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers to promote the development, sale and use of LEVs worldwide.

LEVA Members receive support and educational resources to expand their businesses while initiating efforts to influence and adopt legislation, regulation, performance standards, promotion and general best practices in the light electric vehicle industry.

Thank you for many years of support in international communications and networking.

Lifefood, Germany

lifefood Rohkost AG is Europe’s largest producer of processed uncooked vegetarian foodstuffs. Their non-perishable raw food products such as fruit & nut bars, vegetable chips, sweet and savoury snacks are already available in over 16 countries.

In 2006 Tereza Havrlandova founded lifefood Czech Republic s.r.o. in Prague when she was only 24. Initially she began to make Dream Cream Chocolate on her own, selling it through wholefood shops. In 2009 Klemens Reif discovered the lifefood products at a trade fair and founded lifefood Rohkost AG, which took a share in the Prague company in order to support its rapid growth. Today lifefood employs a workforce of over 60 people in two locations.

Thank you for supplying us with healthy energy!

Marco Hösel, Germany

Marco Hösel does on a bike what I can only dream about. The 6-time world champion in trial riding was excited to test the Trefecta bike when I asked him if he wanted to be part of our Berlin Trefected project. It was a pleasure and inspiration to watch his stunts and have him on board. Thank you Marco!

Melon Helmets, Germany

Fresh Melon Helmets – the first “Urban Active Bicycle Helmet” of our planet! With their experience of over 6 years in helmet development, marketing and distribution, the Cervenka brothers and the 16 heads of their Intelligent Mobility team have founded their own helmet brand in February 2013 and called it Melon Helmets.

Melon’s individual brand character, retro design and high-tech construction, make the new helmets the ideal fit for urban and sports use. Now you no longer need two helmets for either commuting in the city or riding through nature on a MTB, BMX or race bike. One helmet will do for both without making compromises in function or style. The entire collection combines innovative features with the highest standards in quality, safety, comfort and design. Melon helmets will be available in three sizes, manufactured from toughened polycarbonate with an extremely low weight of 250g in size S.

Thanks for letting Pedelec Adventures be among the first to test Melon Helmets and continuing to support us.

Motostrano, USA

SAND TO SNOW - Service partner

MOTOSTRANO is the largest ebike store in California with two locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, offering a wide selection of ebikes and repair services with brands like Haibike, Felt, CUBE and BH EasyMotion. 

Thank you to founder and CEO Joe Witherspoon and his team for offering your support and a base for us in California before we start our Sand to Snow tour.

Nigor, Netherlands

Nigor Net B.V. is a European company that is creative and market driven, handling product development, sales and marketing for some of the most recognizable brand names in the outdoor and recreational industry. Based in Utrecht, Netherlands, Nigor has equipped us with an all-embracing set of camping and outdoor gear including the brands Eureka! and Helinox. Thank you!

Ortlieb, Germany/USA

For 30 years, travelers all over the world have been using the waterproof packing systems developed and manufactured by Ortlieb Sportartikel GmbH. From the Amazon to the Austrian Alps, from Antwerp to Zurich: Made in Germany promises high quality and value outdoor equipment for all requirements, all weather and all terrain. The users’ feedback, experiences and wishes have always inspired Ortlieb to develop individual packing solutions.

The Ortlieb equipment has done a great job for us on all tour so far. Thank you Ortlieb for your generous and continuous support!

Poison Spider Bicycles, USA

Poison Spider Bicycles in Moab, Utah, is a full service bike shop that offers sales, services, mountain & road bicycle rentals, trail advice, shuttle service and top notch customer service since they started in 1991. The team of bike-lovers offers the largest and best selection of bike rentals to choose from in Moab. Even showers are available. And a lot more. It's a must, when you get to Moab! 

We got a guided tour over the famous Slick Rock Trail by Poison Spider owner & CEO Scott Neuton. Thank you for this honor!

ProteGear, Germany

ProteGear is the only global Tracking, Communication and Safety-Rescue System for outdoor and waterspouts. Track yourself, your friends or your clients and get early warnings for critical situations. Provides fully-automatic deadman-switch and manual SOS calls. 100 % global, no roaming hassles, works even without internet. Reduces rescue response times dramatically.

Thank you to the ProteGear start-up for keeping us safe and connected even in the most remote areas.

Pure Electric, Italy

Bronze Sponsor

Pure Electric has specialized in e-bike clothing. The young company was founded by Designer Veronica Stampacchia and Engineer Marcello Stampacchia in Italy in 2015 and presents a clothing line specifically developed to provide advanced safety, aerodynamics and wearability to e-bike users. By creating a hybrid between cycling and motorcycling clothing, Pure Electric combines the essence of both––the ergonomics and light weight of cycling apparel, and the resistance of motorcycle clothing. As a result, their apparel line offers protection and safety as a technical clothing item which easily transforms into an elegant fashion item by removing the protectors. 

Purple Heart Network, Scotland

The Purple Heart Network is a new Scottish Charity that helps people in local places identify and overcome the challenges they experience. We work with people, helping them to develop, design and deliver solutions that improve the places they live or work and, of course, benefit their lives.

The Charity works with people in local communities, facilitating small steps locally, to make big impacts globally in order to address the human and environmental cost of climate change.

The Purple Heart Network was founded by E-Bike Africa initiator Bruce MacLeod and his partner Johanna Speirs in 2015.

RedsDeli, Germany

This pleasant café-restaurant in the heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district welcomes its guests with exquisite cuisine at a fair price. A variety of home-made focaccia, soups, salads and pasta are inspired by a combination of Mediterranean and Asian delicacies which are spiced up with oriental flavors to become artful creations of their own. Croques, paninis, bocadillos, smoothies, espresso and american cakes have attracted Berlin visitors and locals alike for the past 5 years. All dishes are prepared á la minute, including lunch and evening specials for the small or the big appetite.

This is one of the Pedelec Adventures team’s favorite restaurants in Berlin. Thank you to RedsDeli for „spoiling“ us with gorgeous food every time again and for hosting our farewell evening before we took off for Iceland.

By the way – for guests from the bicycle and light electric vehicle industry, RedsDeli grants a 50 Cent discount on every focaccia. Don’t miss it!

Riese und Müller, Germany

The Purple Heart Network is a new Scottish Charity that helps people in local places identify and overcome the challenges they experience. We work with people, helping them to develop, design and deliver solutions that improve the places they live or work and, of course, benefit their lives.

The Charity works with people in local communities, facilitating small steps locally, to make big impacts globally in order to address the human and environmental cost of climate change.

The Purple Heart Network was founded by E-Bike Africa initiator Bruce MacLeod and his partner Johanna Speirs in 2015.

ROPA, Germany

The ropa Engineering GmbH is specialized in the field of battery and drive systems engineering. ropa’s main focus is directed to e-mobility involving the development of powertrain systems, battery systems, and battery concepts. The company’s expertise is in battery management systems rather than in the chemical cell evolution.

ropa’s developments are based on two principles. Communications as the first principle is responsible for the system intelligence. The second principle is to combine intelligent components which exchange energy and data over organic network structures, thus increasing the reliability, security, flexibility and performance of the whole system.

Just as for the Mongolia tour, ropa has been our trusted consultant in questions related to the charging infrastructure also for the Iceland tour.

The team of Ropa has set up the company EnergyTube and continues to be a supporter under the new brand.

Samsung SDI, Korea

Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading Lithium-ion battery company, providing battery solutions for our convenient lifestyle. The large variety of products powered by Samsung batteries includes means of individual transportation such as e-bikes, e-scooters as well as mobile IT devices, power tools, garden tools and small consumer electronics.

Samsung SDI’s Li-ion battery cells have proven their reliable capacity and long life in a number of high-end electric bikes. Iceland was just another test. Thank you Samsung SDI for the contribution to our budget.

Solarbag-Shop, Germany

Solarbag-Shop is a treasure trove for mobile solar power devices and solutions for a variety of purposes to integrate solar energy into ones daily life. Solar bags and Solar PowerPacks are more than a fashion statement, they are a personal statement about a commitment to sustainability, sensibility, and responsibility. Owner Sven Tackmann provided equipement and knowledge to find solutions for the solar trailers for TOUR DE MONGOLIA

Sun Shen, Taiwan

Sun Shen Enterprise Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products ranging from special cables for the use in automobiles and cameras, medical and communication products to researching, developing and producing a variety of waterproof connectors.


Supernova has developed and produced high-performance bicycle lights for over 20 years.

Founder and CEO is the transportation designer Marcus Wallmeyer. He brings his background in automotive and industrial design - as well as his practical experience as a passionate cyclist with a long racing career - to bear on cutting-edge designs.

I am excited to experience and test the top-end e-bike lights during all tour segments of E-Traction – The Trip, especially in areas where good lights are essential to cope with tricky roads or even find our way.

TDCM, Taiwan

TDCM has many years of experience in the development, engineering and production of electric motors, controllers and sensors for electric bikes. One of the company’s strengths is to bring products with an optimized balance in terms of cost, performance and quality to the market and to maintain good partnerships with the major players in the industry.

Tektro, Taiwan

Tektro specializes in bicycle braking with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Besides developing and producing brake systems, Tektro takes it one step further to explore the industry and to utilise exotic materials in order to create lightweight brakes with precise control. Tektro has set a new benchmark for combining vision and reality in building the highest quality braking systems.

Topeak, Taiwan

Topeaks team are riders and they are passionate about finding new ways to make each and every ride the best it can be. The company's innovative and time-tested components ranging from tool sets to repair stands, from bags and racks to fenders and lights are all designed with one thing in mind: making the ride, and life, the best it can be. The products have definitely done this for us. 

ToutTerrain, Germany

tout terrain has been founded in 2005 by Oliver Römer in Freiburg, Germany. The core products of tout terrain are bikes and accessories for urban biking and bike touring. tout terrain also offers a selection of products for kids’ mobility. 
tout terrain works with designers from the design office Seed. In addition to the core business tout terrain distributes products from the brands Brooks and Middleburn.

tout terrains Mule trailer has provided excellent services during our Tour de Mongolia and E-Bike Africa.

Trefecta, Netherlands

Trefecta B. V., based in the Netherlands, stands for the ultimate combination of technology, mobility and connectivity. A Dutch-German-Swiss engineering team explored, redefined and simplified to construct the perfect e-bike for daily commute, leisure and sports, fleet businesses and public domain such as the military or the police.

Trefecta’s newly developed, fully integrated drive train with a 4-kW-mid-motor is hydraulically controlled and shifts automatically via Rohloff hub. The foldable aerospace grade aluminum frame, lightweight carbon-fibre wheels and electronically controlled full suspension with 180 mm travel provide the proven strength to deal with any terrain. 

A 1,600-Wh-lithium-battery combined with regenerative braking gives the bike a range of over 100 km on mixed terrain. Handlebar mounted controls and an integrated smartphone dock offer high functionality and full control. These are just a few of the many advanced and innovative solutions including an electronic wheelie-mode that make Trefecta a one of a kind vehicle. 

Trefecta is designed for off-road use (DRT model) and urban environments (URB model). 
A street-legal version with 4-kW-motor and 45 km/h max speed in the L1E-B category is underway. Trefecta has also announced a motorcycle version over 45 km/h.

triple2, Germany

triple2 Sportsware GmbH designs and manufactures sports and outdoor clothing that is exclusively made from ecological materials taken from sustainable sources such as hamp fiber, merino wool, Cocona, bio-cotton and recycled polyester. The clothes combine style and functionality in a way that makes them the perfect fit for rides both through the city and nature. triple2 founder Matthias Dreuw, who is also a bike enthusiast and environmental engineer, has set very high standards in quality, style and ecological responsibility with his new brand.

With pleasure we tested the textiles and cloth designs from triple2’s first and second collection in the rough weather conditions in Iceland. Thank you for a great selection of bike apparel!

Yamaha, Japan

Yamaha—supporting sponsor of the Sand To Snow Tour—is the world’s first manufacturer to mass-produce pedelec systems. During the Sand to Snow Tour, Brüsch and her team will be riding a variety of e-bikes from Haibike’s high-value SDURO line that features industry-exclusive Yamaha motors. Brüsch’s team will be exploring diverse eco-regions across the west in order to highlight the versatility and accessibility that Haibike ePerformance bikes offer to both endurance and lifestyle cyclists.

Yuan Guan, Taiwan

Yuan Guan Precision Co. Ltd. supplies components and metal parts to the bicycle, sport equipment and automotive industries. High quality standards and customer satisfaction has been a major goal and achievement of Yuan Guan. With reaching a win-win situation for both their customers and themselves being the company’s philosophy for many years.

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