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20,000 km - Glasgow to Cape-Town

This world record-setting expedition from Glasgow to Cape Town aims to raise aware-ness of the environmental and human cost of climate change. 


The 20,000 km expedition that runs all the way down the Eastern side of Africa is a cooperation project between Pedelec Adventures and the Scottisch charity, The Purple Heart Network. It's founder, Cape-Town-born and Glasgow-based entrepre-neur Bruce MacLeod, approached me for advice to make his idea a real action plan. 

I got intregued: Having cycled Morocco, Mongolia and Iceland, E-Bike Africa seemed a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Africa from inside. The aims and values of The Purple Heart Network add another dimension to my work and desire to make a global impact.

How are we getting there?

The bikes of choice for this adventure are speed-pedelecs provided by Haibike, Germany‘s leading e-performance bike brand. Epowered by Bosch‘s widely used eBike System, the expedition‘s high-performance XDURO models provide up to 500 Watts of motor power when pedaling and reach a maximum assisted speed of 45 km/h.

Pulling custom-built solar trailers to recharge the batteries of the bikes and other electronic devices will allow us to travel in a fully self-sufficient way while leaving the lightest possible carbon footprint.


Why E-Bikes?

We want to showcase the reliability and durability of this technology across a range of extreme terrain with the aim of promoting its use in urban environments as an alternative to fossil fuel vehicles.

First Leg Accomplished

On November 19, 2015 we started the first leg of E-Bike Africa and rode 900 kilometers

(560 miles) from Glasgow to Paris where we present the project at the UN Climate Conference COP21 in early December. To be continued … Read the summary here

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Where are we going?

The trip will take in a huge number of interesting points and places including:


The COP21 Conference Paris

195 countries from across the globe came together in Paris to sign a legally binding declaration to tackle climate change and global warming - the first declaration of its kind in history.


The Pyramids at Giza

Around 4,200 years ago it is thought that a drought killed off ancient Egyptian pyramid builders.


Rwenzori Mountains

Here in the Rwenzori remain a few of Africa’s last glaciers; they are expected to be gone in two decades.


Mount Kilimanjaro

The glacier at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro is diminishing, due to climate change and deforestation.


Victoria Falls

The waterfall is under threat as water levels decrease and temperatures increase.


Boulder Penguin Colony

A unique land based colony of African penguins whose numbers are decreasing as a result of climate change.


Visiting renewable energy projects throughout Europe and Africa

Solar cycling lanes in Amsterdam, wind farms in Egypt, solar lighting projects in South Sudan, biogas projects in Ethiopia and solar energy projects across South Africa.

Open Sponsorship Opportunities

We want to work with people and companies who share our commitment to tackling climate change and we are delighted to invite you to get involved in this trip. By sponsoring E-Bike Africa you’ll not only be supporting the development of a new, dynamic, climate change network you’ll have the opportunity to:


  • Increase your sales and market share whilst donating to a charity that shares your values.

  • Heighten your organisation’s visibility through positive publicity and media exposure.

  • Brand exposure for the next two years, before, during and after the trip takeover key stopovers like the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris.

  • Align your brand with the environmental and social aims of The Purple Heart Network.

  • To give back and meet your Corporate Social Responsibility by making a charitable donation that fits with your values and is tax deductible.

Partners & Sponsors of E-Bike Africa

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