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E-Bike Africa - Pedelec Adventures
E-Bike Africa - Pedelec Adventures
Iceland Challenge - Pedelec Adventures
Tour de Mongolia - Pedelec Adventures
Tour de Sahara - Pedelec Adventures


2 August 2017 - Colorado Outdoor Adventure Blog (USA)

E-Biking Across Colorado's Highest Mountain Passes

28 April 2017 - eBike News (Germany)

E-Bike Abenteuer mit Susanne Brüsch

13 October 2016 - Vehículos Verdes (Spain) 

Tour Sand to Snow. Entrevista a Susanne Bruesch

by Andrés Moreno

1 October 2016 - Electric Bike Report (USA) 

Electric Bike Adventure in the Southwest (Video)

by Pete Prebus

11 August 2016 - Electric Bike Report (USA)

Interview with eBike Adventurer Susanne Brüsch

by Pete Prebus

22 July 2016 - ExtraEnergy (Germany, en)

Sand to Snow Adventure traverses Western USA

by Susanne Brüsch

22 July 2016 - ExtraEnergy (Germany, de)

Pedelec Adventures durchquert den Western der USA

by Susanne Brüsch

15 July 2016 - (USA)

Riding Electric Bikes from California to Colorado - Pedelec Adventures with Susanne Brüsch (Video)

by Court Rye

15 July 2016 - (USA)

E-Bike News: Adventure, New Folding & Cargo EBike, eMTB & More

14 July 2016 - E-Bike-Base (Germany)

Pedelec Adventures – Die Sand to Snow e-Bike Tour hat ihr Ziel erreicht

12 July 2016 - Pedelecs & E-Bikes (Germany)

Sand to Snow: Pedelec Adventures beendet USA-Tour

by Georg Baur

11 Juli 2016 - Greenfinder (Germany)

Mit dem E-Bike durch die USA - Pedelec Adventures Sand to Snow

by Julia Brinker, Greenfinder


11 July 2016 - GreenTech (Germany)

Pedelec Adventures – Die Sand to Snow e-Bike Tour hat ihr Ziel erreicht

6 July 2016 - Pedelecs (UK)

USA road trip with a difference: Pedelecs Adventures Sand to Snow tour


23 June 2016 - Velobiz (Germany)

E-Bike Tour Sand to Snow erreicht ihr Ziel

by Markus Fritsch (log in required)

13 May 2016 - eBikeNews (Germany)

Sand to Snow - Haibike Tour durch USA

by Julia Oesterreich


19 April 2016 - Pedelecs & E-Bikes (Germany)

Start der Sand to Snow Tour beim Sea Otter Classic
by Georg Baur

27 April 2016 - Kron4 TV Channel (USA)

Electric Bike Expo Held in Palo Alto

by Alecia Reid

18 April 2016 - RV Dream New Radio (USA)

Susanne Bruesch! E-Bike Rider/Writer Takes off From Laguna Seca on 2,200 Mile Trip

Interview by Bob Hamilton


18 April 2016 - Vehiculos Verdes (Spain)

Nueva aventura y test de Susanne Bruesch

by Andrès Moreno


18 April 2016 - Electric Bike Report (USA)

2,200 mile Electric Bike Adventure from California to Colorado

by Pete Prebus





31 March 2016 - Pedelecs (UK)

Glasgow to Cape Town e-bike expedition raises awareness of electric mobility


22 December 2015 - EV World (USA)

eBike Africa reaches Paris
by J. William Moore

26 November 2015 - Pedelecs & E-Bikes (Germany)

E-Bike Africa - Neuer Trip von Pedelec Adventures

by Georg Baur

20 November 2015 - The National (Scotland)

Scots get on their E-Bikes for charity

by Kirsteen Paterson

19 November 2015 - The Herald of Scotland 

World-record setting e-bike expedition launched in Glasgow to help tackle global climate change

19 November 2015 - Eventing Times (Scotland)

Glasgow-based entrepreneur launches world-record setting e-bike challenge

19 November 2015 - Independence Live (Scotland)

E-Bike Africa - Glasgow to Cape Town (Livestream)

9 November 2015 - Scotland Now (Scotland)

Scot plans to cycle from Glasgow to Capetown on electric bike
by Laura Coventry


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