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Sand to Snow


E-Bike Africa - Pedelec Adventures

Lady Pedelec

Susanne Brüsch is the face of Pedelec Adventures and shares the story of her fifth long-distance electric bike tour: It has been the most rewarding thing during months of preparation to see this dream of a North-America traverse come true, with industry leaders stepping on board to support it. With the greatest pleasure I have shared this once-in-a-lifetime experience with an awesome team of adventure-lovers and professionals who joined the expedition. Exploring new horizons with electric bikes while inspiring people how much fun they are is something I have been involved with for almost 20 exciting years. So far, in Europe and Asia mostly - always looking for new challenges.


E-Bike Africa - Pedelec Adventures

Handy Andy

Andreas Törpsch is a sports engineer by education and headed the electric bike tests at ExtraEnergy. With the acquired knowledge and technical expertise gained, he moved on to launch and manage the UK-based electric bike brand Momentum Electric. While making his decision what challenge in the electric bike field will be next, the Sand to Snow tour came along as a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the arousing e-bike market in the US and to in-depth test ride leading e-bike technology. In addition to being a main rider of the tour, Andreas was responsible for technical service, camp and route management.

E-Bike Africa - Pedelec Adventures

Meikel the Burger King

Michael Burger has been most familiar with electric bikes since 2008 when he developed a city pedelec for his diploma. This modern, yet practical prototype has inspired a new style in electric bike design. As an industrial engineer by education, Michael has focussed on product development and design as a freelancer. With his great eye for imaging and photography, Michael joined the Sand to Snow as second camera and data manager. As an enthusiastic bicycle traveler he has seen many places in Europe on a bike – and has most recelnty discovered the USA as one of the team’s main riders.

E-Bike Africa - Pedelec Adventures

Queen Nora

Nora Manthey joined the Sand to Snow tour’s first leg, cruising the Pacific Coast and exploring the San Francisco Bay area. Born in Berlin and based in London, her home is the city and the worldwide web. For Pedelec Adventures, Nora has been the point of contact for press and fans and ensured everyone could follow the progress of the Sand to Snow tour closely, even if we were in remote areas. A journalist herself, she has been writing and talking about sustainable transport since 2010. Nora believes in stories of progress rather than bad news and her literally biggest concern is our planet and its protection.

E-Bike Africa - Pedelec Adventures

Captain Sue & Pilot Liesa

Susanne Hassepaß & Liesa Rademacher are two creative filmmakers exploring the world and it’s technical possibilities. They are both e-bike fans and love traveling. Sue documented the first leg of the Sand to Snow tour on film before Liesa took over in Las Vegas for the second leg of the trip. Together, they run the Berlin-based film production company feinfilm. In an all-in-decision they agreed to create a film documentary of the entire journey. Stay tuned for the happy and challenging moments, the tour’s victories and downfalls, its contrasts in climate and scenery and the team’s very personal experiences and emotions!

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