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  • Susanne Brüsch

3,500 km on Electric Bikes across the Western USA and its most scenic Sites

Powered by Haibike and Yamaha

• Electric mountainbike expedition by Pedelec Adventures leads Susanne Brüsch and a new team 3,500 km (2,200 mi) across the most iconic scenery of western U.S. and through climatic extremes.

• Sand to Snow tour runs from coastal California to rocky Colorado and is the world’s rst long-distance ride on Haibike SDURO ePerfomance bikes powered exclusively by Yamaha.

• Tour kick-off is at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California with the nal taking place in Denver at the Electric Bike Expo Event on June, 19.

• The pre-tour meet and greet is at 11 am on April 15 at the Haibike booths 739/740

Pedelec Adventures latest tour sees Susanne Brüsch and her team of four explore the western USA on electric speed pedelecs sponsored by Haibike and powered by Yamaha. Dubbed Sand to Snow, the 3,500 km route includes the States most scenic sites, various terrains, and will run over 10 weeks from 15 April to 19 June.


Starting in Monterey, California, the Sand to Snow team will stop over in urban San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Palo Alto before turning into the wild. Yosemite National Park is to be the rst challenge for material and riders as the Sierra Nevada mountains may still have snow in May. The riders will then descend to enter Death Valley, thus named for its extreme heat. It is the lowest spot of the North American continent at 85m below sea level.

After more cruising on very hot sands, Las Vegas marks the tour’s turning point as the adventurers enter the Colorado Plateau while passing through Arizona and Utah. It is here, the Haibike SDURO bikes will come to their full right as sand changes to stone and valleys into the great canyons. After passing the mountainbike Eldorado of Moab, the Sand to Snow tour then arrives in the Rocky Mountains, where the riders will once more climb altitudes

of over 3,500 meters (almost 12,000 feet). The expedition ends in Denver at the Electric Bike Expo where consumers can test ride various electric bikes from June 17 - 19, 2016.


For the Sand to Snow tour, Pedelec Adventures partners with German Haibike and Japanese Yamaha. For Haibike, the team is testing the SDURO line that includes bikes for all terrains. The pedal-assisted SDURO HardSeven RC und SDURO AllMtn RC feature a 500W motor, 400Wh lithium battery, and a speed limit of 32 kph (20 mph). Already legendary in high performance motorsports, Yamaha ventures into new territory as human-machine hybrids take center stage on a long-distance tour for the rst time.

The trip from California to Colorado includes extreme terrain that requires high quality ePerformance bikes, which Haibike has been pushing from the very start. By bringing together these pioneering partners, Pedelec Adventures extends the limits of electric cycling and promotes a new lifestyle yet again.

Picture: Google Maps


The Sand to Snow tour is not only a test for (wo)men and material but serves to open up an emerging market. While Yamaha prominently puts itself on the ePerformance cycling map for the rst time, Haibike wants to rev up the vast U.S. marketplace.

“The Sand To Snow Tour is a great platform for Haibike to demonstrate the bene ts of ePerformance,” states Ken Miner director of Sales for Haibike USA. “Brüsch is the perfect advocate for e-mobility as she is an athlete who appreciates the physical component of ePerformance cycling, but understands that ultimately e-bikes are accessible and bene cial to a diverse cross section of the community.”

Susanne Brüsch explains her project: “The story of the Sand to Snow tour is the story of e-bike enthusiasts who inspire a continent that is just discovering that electric bikes exist, that they are fun and they can be a bene t to everyone’s personal life. It is the story of pioneers who keep exploring and re-de ning the nature of cycling.”


The adventurers’ progress can be followed online with live updates, instant impressions and a diary on the blog. The female duo from Berlin-based lm studio fein lm, Susanne Hassepaß and Liesa Rademacher, will deliver moving snippets while touring and the Sand to Snow movie afterwards, which is to premier at Eurobike 2016.

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About Haibike

Winora Group CEO Susanne Puello and her husband Felix established Haibike in Germany in 1995, but its roots date back to 1914 when Susanne‘s great grandfather founded E. Wiener Retail Trading Company, a manufacturer of custom bicycles. Haibike USA, established in 2015, is Haibike‘s North American subsidiary, exclusively selling the company‘s popular ePerformance collection of XDURO and SDURO bikes. With superior Bosch and Yamaha drive systems and dynamic inverted motor placement, Haibike‘s ePerformance bicycles lead the electric bicycle industry.

About Yamaha

Japanese Yamaha is the world’s rst manufacturer to mass-produce pedelec systems and leader in high-performance motorsports. During the Sand to Snow Tour, the Pedelec Adven- tures team will be riding electric mountainbikes from Haibike’s SDURO line that features industry-exclusive Yamaha motors. It is the rst long-distance tour powered by Yamaha worldwide. The company’s credo is “Kando.” The Japanese term can be translated as „emotionally moving“ and Yamaha Motor strives to realise peoples‘ dreams with ingenuity and passion, while continuously searching for the next exciting product or concept that provides excep- tional value and deep satisfaction.

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