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Readying Bikes, Bodies, Media, and Minds

Sand To Snow - Loading the Van

News on our latest adventures are just out. The Sand to Snow tour leads from California to Colorado over 3.500 kilometres. We will pass along the most scenic sites of the States but before the electric pedalling we have got a lot of work to do. Loads, really.

Base camp

We were based in Redwood City at the Motostrano e-bike shop. Owner Joe Witherspoon, a trusted Haibike dealer himself, has kindly allowed us to literally set up shop and we transformed his courtyard into our base camp. His clients can now see us setting up the bikes in the courtyard or watch us typing away in our little outdoor office. We are regularly catching the attention of passing motorists with some stopping to check if they could swap their 4x4 for a bike. By now, we have become used to shouts like: "Are you selling bikes?" - Kind of. "Awesome."

Bike garage

All five Haibike ePerformance bikes have arrived and the SDURO range includes hard tails and fullies. All of them are first and foremost mountainbikes, which means our technical guys we like to call Handy Andy and Machine Michael have been busy for days now strapping and screwing on everything that gets the speed pedelecs ready for touring.

Ortlieb - One of our sponsors

Ortlieb bags selected by colours have to be attached and filled, mudguards and racks assembled, bike lights being found and suspension adjusted. Also small stuff like bottle holders must not be forgotten, esp. as our trail will lead trough Death Valley and deserted areas, where water is vital.

Friends & family

It is said that the people on the west coast are particularly open and friendly and in our experience so far, they are indeed. Despite us being four people - before Sue from Feinfilm joins the team for the Sea Otter Classics - we were welcomed into the homes of first Lydia and Miranda. She lives high up in the Redwood Mountains with her three dogs and has a Jacuzi that serves us well before the pedalling begins.

Paper trail

Expeditions like ours have promotional value as well and as such food for the press has to be prepared and send out. The first press information announcing the tour kick-off has been released.

The Sand to Snow tour starts at the Sea Otter Classics in Monterey, California at 11am on 15th April.

Oh yes, we are indeed pretty excited!

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