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Day three to reach Yosemite - Turtle Beach to Don Pedro Lake

What a great riding day! It started off in lovely sunshine, a refreshing wind and a rich breakfast at the Turtle Beach campground, followed by the longest riding day we had to face so far: over 100 km.

The first 50 km were mostly flat and on paved roads that trailed through orchards, where peaches, almonds, cherries, walnuts, and apples grow. Then suddenly the countryside changed. Large plantations turned into hills and we could spot the Sierra Nevada mountains in the background for the first time. Still, they wore a dark pall and we began to wonder, if those clouds carried snow.

Back where we were, the sun bathed pine trees, and a creek surrounded by yellow flowers in warm afternoon light, which we just had to use for photos and filming.

Riding data: Distance: 108 km Av. speed: 27 km/h Energy consumption: ca. 800 Wh (Susi) equals two Yamaha batteries Riding mode: High Uphill: 800 m Downhill: 530 m Surface: 100% paved road Riders: Susi, Micha

Travel tip of the day:

Steady does it.

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