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First 1,000 km and Many More to Come on Detours

1,000 km from Sand to Snow

I reached my first 1,000 kilometres today according to my display! A wonderful way to celebrate the first of May and fitting for the international labour day because despite the pedelecs being pedal-assist you sure feel those 620 miles in your legs. However, the Haibike is fine and I am too.

To our dismay, we learned already at the entrance to Yosemite National Park, that Tioga road is closed because of snow and that more snow is expected. While we usually are delighted to have seen snow, this time it is a problem because it means the direct way to the next stop on our original route, Mono Lake, is blocked.

After some contemplation, we narrow our options down to two alternatives: cycling down south through Fresno and Bakersfield and straight into Death Valley thus skipping Mono Lake.

Or, going up north over route 88, which means a 300-mile (480km) detour that will lead us almost up all the way to Lake Taho but will eventually see us arrive at Mono Lake.

We opt for the northern detour. If we cycle fast enough and about 150 km a day, we might still make it to Mono Lake on the 4th of May as scheduled.

Wish us strength!

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