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The Lowest Point of the Northern Hemisphere and 2,000 km Cycled

Badwater Basin on electric bicycles

The Sand to Snow tour has reached a new high as we approach the centre of Death Valley and the lowest point of the Northern Hemisphere. Enter Badwater Basin at 85m below sea level.

Although it was only a few days ago when we cycled the Sierra Nevada with Mount Whitney, the highest point in the USA, arriving at the States lowest point feels as if there is a world in between. But is is only 84.6 miles (136 km) to the north west.

Death Valley lowest point Haibike

The Badwater Basin again bears a rather suggestive name. There is water to be found, a foul pool fed from a spring. But apart from that, there is nothing at all but a plateau in glaring white that looks like snow almost. But it is a salt flat that has been described as hazardous as the salt plates sit on mud.

It did not keep us from hazarding out wildly as we were further out in the salt desert as anyone else

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