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Fun and Loathing in Las Vegas

Pedelec Adventures in Las Vegas

We have left the desert. Well, the one that is wild. We are still in the desert but this one is as domesticated as it gets. We have arrived in Las Vegas. Hard to say if it is particularly civilised but the city means a motel, a pool, and showers. It also means we have left California and are now in Nevada. And a change in the team will take place here.

Vegas marks half time for our tour. After 2,000 km in 75 riding hours over the course of about 4 weeks, we successfully accomplished the tour's first leg. With 26,000 altitude meters climbed, we used 15,600 battery Wh to get from Monterey to America's party metropolis.

We used our time in Vegas to work rather than gamble as those days in the desert without internet has left us with many things to do. Yet, we took time to parade our Haibikes down the infamous strip, which prove a little more stressful than we thought.

Apart from all the fun to be had, we have to say goodbye to our dear Sue. Our filming lady swiftly swaps places with lovely Liesa, her partner from Feinfilm. Liesa will be travelling with us from now on and will be filming as we move towards the various canyons and the Colorado plateau.

Liesa Rademacher Sue Hassepass Feinfilm

Welcome Liesa and bye-bye Sue!

Riding data

Distance: 99,6 km Av. speed: 27 km/h Max speed: 69,8 km/h (Andy) Energy consumption: ca. 800 Wh (Andy) / ca. 920 (Micha) Riding mode: mostly Standard (Andy) / mostly High (Micha) Uphill: 1040 m Downhill: 1200 m Surface: paved road Riders: Andy, Micha

Weather: hot, ca. 36°C Accommodation: Travelodge Airport Las Vegas

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