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U.S. Debut of Sand to Snow Short Film at Interbike in Las Vegas

Sand to Snow Tour in Las Vegas

It is only four months ago that we passed through Las Vegas on our Sand to Snow journey and reached half time of the trip in Nevada's party town.

This time, just after the tour video had premiered at Eurobike, I was in Vegas to launch the Sand to Snow short film in the USA, at the country's leading bicycle trade show Interbike.

I was surprised to find the city in less than 30°C for the first time instead of expected 40°C. Honestly - I was relieved! In pleasant summer weather it was actually possible to walk from my hotel to the show venue in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center although every block still seemed never ending. Walking on the street means you avoid the artificial smell of cinnamon, roses and other flavors that “refresh” the over-air-conditioned corridors of hotels and casinos.

Susanne Bruesch in Las Vegas

Two days prior to the show, Interbike hosts an outdoor demo event out in the desert in Boulder Canyon. Compared to previous years, there were less people and less exhibitors, still enough though to stand in line by the dozens to test ride a Haibike e-mountainbike.

During three trade show days, Electric Bike Expo ran an indoor test track for e-bikes and pedelecs of various brands. Next to the track visitors listened to e-bike related lectures in the Bosch Electric Theater. This was also the venue where I had the honor to give a 30-minute presentation of the highlights and challenges of our 5,000km (3,100mi) Sand to Snow tour through the stunning landscapes of the Southwest. I opened the presentation with the tour’s short film as the very first screening in the USA.

Sand to Snow short film premiere at Interbike Las Vegas

Christina Puello who is Haibike’s representative in the USA and is responsible for the company’s business development in this just evolving e-bike market joined me on stage and once again emphasized that Haibike has come across the ocean to stay. And to give back something in return to what America has given us Europeans 30 years ago – the mountainbike.

Pete Prebus of Electric Bike Reports caught me to do a video interview right after the presentation in front of the Haibike booth where from now on our short film showed on this nice big screen.

It was awesome to have my tour bike back which had stayed in the US after we had finished the tour in Denver in June. Kind of missed it! With most of the gear on, it traveled with me through the casinos of Vegas – a funny experience … And here is what I promised myself: I will never do the Strip without an ebike again!

Las Vegas Strip is best on an e-bike

Thank you to everyone who made my stay in Vegas a pleasure!

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