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  • Susanne Brüsch

Pedelec Adventures Co-Organizer and Lead Sponsor of Ebike Africa

It is my honor to announce that Pedelec Adventures and the partners and sponsors we have worked with for years are playing a major part in the upcoming Ebike Africa world record setting expedition from Glasgow to Cape Town. This 20,000 kilometer journey on electric bikes pulling solar trailers aims at raising awareness of the environmental and human cost of climate change and showcasing solutions that help reducing this effect. In close cooperation with the Purple Heart Network, a newly-founded Glasgow-based charity, Pedelec Adventures has organized the bike-related side of this gigantic project. Starting on November 19th in Glasgow This coming thursday, myself and the expedition's lead rider, Bruce MacLeod, will start the expedition at the Nelson Mandela Place in Glasgow at 10 am. We will then ride via Amsterdam to the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris. In light of the tragic events in Paris on November 14th, we re-discussed these plans and decided that as long as COP21 goes ahead we will be there too, with a positive message, and as a mark of respect and solidarity. Why getting involved? Having cycled Morocco, Mongolia and Iceland on electric bikes, I was intrigued by Bruce's idea of cycling Africa when he approached me for advice. Firstly because I looked at it as another amazing pedelec adventure offering the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Africa from inside, and challenge the endurance of myself and the latest e-bike technology while traveling through landscapes I always wanted to see. Secondly because the aims and values of the Purple Heart Network add another dimension to my work and desire to make a global impact. Thank you! A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us in making this project a reality. Special thanks go to the project's main sponsors Haibike for providing their beautiful, high-end Xduro sports pedelecs and to the Adeo Group for making sure the world can follow our route, riding data and project information on the E-Bike Africa Website. Thank you to Bosch eBike Systems for getting on board as Gold sponsor alongside with our partners ecomo21, Ettrak, ExtraEnergy, and Greenfinder. It felt like Christmas when we received all the packages with equipment including trailers, batteries, charging equipment, bike accessories, tools and apparel from internationally recognized companies. For more information please visit Follow us @ Facebook: @ Twitter!/ebikeafrica

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