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Market Report "E-Bikes in Europe"

Following their first report on the supply side of the market in Germany, Greenfinder has now turned their attention to the whole of Europe, flagging up market developments, and revealing changes in market structure and model characteristics in distinct user categories such as city, trekking and mountain bikes.

This market report is modular in its format, so it offers you the opportunity to gain information selectively, subject by subject.

This report will assist actors in the e-bike market such as manufacturers of electric bikes, component manufacturers and infrastructure providers as an informational basis for strategic market positioning, or for evaluation of the market and competitive landscape.

Companies and organisations wishing to gain insight into this booming market will also benefit from this aggregated summary of the e-bike market.

This analysis brings transparency amid the multitude of e-bike models, so it is also directed to vehicle manufacturers and dealers, to energy suppliers, to consultancies, to cities and municipalities, to tourism service providers, to companies with employee transport fleets, etc.





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