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Sea Otters, Strawberries, and S-Pedelecs

Pedelec Adventures Strawberries in California

It feels so good to be on the road again! The Sand to Snow tour kicked-off with a press conference at the Haibike booth at Sea Otter Classic, where the sun was shining. Everything was super organised and went so very quick. After all this months of preparation, it is an overwhelming feeling to finally start this adventure in just the perfect surroundings.

Accompanied by lots of good wishes for the journey from the Haibike team, we set off at 1:30 to hit the road for some 60 kilometres (about 40 miles) towards the north.

MTB trail at the Sea Otter Classic

First, we had to find our way out of the expanded Sea Otter festival ground. We landed on a trail that was a little challenging considering each electric bike carries five bags, two on each rack in the front and rear plus a little bag for camera and essentials on the handlebar.

Once we left the Sea Otter Classic bike festival, quietness surrounded us as we traveled on paved and dirt roads through woods and meadows full of flowers that evoke images of a fairy tale in me.

California is like a fairy tale

Still, in order to arrive in Santa Cruz’ Monterey Bay before dusk, we more or less followed Highway 1 that lines the Pacific coast. On the land to our right, we passed immense strawberry fields with fruits matching their growing grounds in size. Naturally, the temptation was too big to resist and we took a bite, or two.

We opted for meat for dinner and had our first BBQ at the Koa campground close to the Monterey Bay. The site is well organised with a fireplace for each spot, hot showers, clean toilets, and rangers silently cruising around in electric vehicles. We went to sleep with the smell of firewood and eucalyptus from the trees overshadowing our three tents.

Day one of the Sand to Snow pedelec tour: Distance: 59 km (40 mi) from Sea Otter Classic to Monterey Bay Average speed: 24 kph (15 mi) Riders: Susi, Andreas Camp: Koa Santa Cruz / Monterey Bay

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