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Crossing the Continental Divide on S-Pedelecs is a First

Loveland Pass with Haibike

It feels so good to be back on snow free road. This is the last big episode of this adventure before it will come to an end after about 3,000 miles cycled on electric bikes. Today, the whole team is cycling up the Loveland Pass (11,990 ft) together. This one is open all the way to the top.

The Haibike ePerformance bikes with Yamaha e-bike system provide a nice traveling speed of about 20 mph constantly.

We pass quite a few fellow cyclists and admitted to them that we are doping electronically. Some were so focussed on not wasting energy that they did not react at all. Others looked up, and some are rather intrigued by the idea of having electric assistance.

The bike ride downhill is nice but a little chilly. After all, we are still deep within the Rocky Mountains. We follow a very comfortable cycling lane along Interstate 70 and stopped at the station of the historic Colorado train in Silver Plume to watch the train cross the impressive bridge at the Georgetown Loop.

It gives us an idea that civilisation awaits almost all too soon.

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