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  • Susanne Brüsch

Reviving the Highlights between the Highlights of our Sand to Snow E-Bike Tour

The Sand to Snow team is back home in Berlin and London, safe and happy. We have brought with us the most amazing memories of this 5,000 km electric bike journey through the Wild West. In 10 weeks we have taken thousands of pictures and nearly 5 TBs of footage to be able to share with you the story of our biggest Pedelec Adventure to date.

Going through all the pictures and videos brings back the big highlights and the little happenings that made this trip so unique. I feel the burning heat again, strong winds, heavy rain and freezing cold. I start sweating again when I see those endless roads through the desert with nothing around but red rocks and sand, shimmering in glowing head under the blue sky. Some cows are standing next to the road, motionlessly, like statues. As we ride by, they turn their heads as if they were our audience.

My body feels all shaken through again when I remember riding dozens of miles over bumpy roads or through the lonely woods of Sierra Nevada, carefully watching out for bears and hoping that the next mountain pass would be open.

Once again, I enjoy watching dear walking right through the campground, playing with chipmunks and catching a rattlesnake on video.

Again, I start believing in a Fata Morgana looking at this picture of a bicycle lane in the Death Valley (!!!) with the sign saying “no motorized bicycles”.

I get exhausted one more time while kind of enjoying the spirit of the ultimate adventure when I watch us climbing the tour’s highest point at 12.000 feet (3.700 m) in the Rocky Mountains and pushing our bikes through hip-deep snow – not without asking myself if this wasn’t completely insane.

If you feel like sharing this experience from as close as you can get, simply go to my video diary and check out the 5 pieces of Hagerman Pass.

We are now producing a video trailer and a short film about the tour that will premier at the World’s leading bicycle trade show Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from Aug 29 to Sep 3, 2016. The very first screening in the USA will take place during Interbike in Las Vegas, Sep 21-23, 2016. Keep looking for us online as we will continue to share special moments of our journey and our post-tour production.

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